A little about me

40+ years working in the garden centre, plant nursery and visitor attraction market has given me an unrivalled experience to draw on. In partnership with clients, I combine their knowledge with my own experience to ensure all options are identified to take a business in the direction the leadership are seeking.

Boyd J Douglas-Davies

Managing Consultant

Retailer, entrepreneur, marketeer, plantsman, team creator and leader, lateral & creative thinker, public speaker. Chair of the Environmental Horticulture Group and Past‑President of the Horticultural Trades Association.

Building and enhancing a team from scratch, mentoring and coaching.

Boyd understands that you manage lots of things – stock, space, money, and time, but you only lead people, and they are the key to success. He has a talent for seeking people with potential, taking them under his wing and helping them flourish. He has also demonstrated his ability to cultivate loyal teams with purpose with his great energy and positivity and helped them focus on success.

Lindsay Muir, Owner

Cedar Associates

Business strategist. Scoping business plans, from concept through to exit strategy. Created multi-million pound businesses.

In Boyd’s role as HTA President he successfully led the Board & Council through some of the most difficult times the association has encountered – Covid and Brexit both occurring on his watch.

His business knowledge, built up over many years, across a very broad front of the industry, together with his energy and determination and his engaging style ensured as good an outcome as possible was achieved.

James Barnes, Chairman

Horticultural Trades Association

Award-winning retail and marketing strategies, developing and enhancing the customer experience.

There is no one more knowledgeable of the horticulture industry, more aware of the challenges we face, or more creative when it comes to ideas to grow a business and continue moving it forward The passion and commitment he has given to British Garden Centres has helped us grow and build what we are today.

Charles Stubbs, Founder

British Garden Centre

Led numerous redevelopment and build projects.

I met Boyd when he was at Webbs of Wychbold. I respect his comments and opinions, and he has an amazing track record from what I see and hear from UK reports.

Garden Centres of Australia (GCA) brought Boyd to Australia in 2013, where he was an inspirational guest speaker. He also talked about the successful UK program Garden Releaf and generously helped us set up the same program in Australia.

Boyd provides us with information, insight and comments for our Australian Enews.

Leigh Siebler, Manager

Garden Centres of Australia

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